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Which hotel chain has a CEO as a racing driver – niu hotels with its own racing car

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
February 26, 2018

Which hotel chain has a CEO as a racing driver – niu hotels with its own racing car

Hamburg, Germany – 26 February 2018 –
How awesome is that? niu Hotels, the innovative lifestyle concept from family-runned German hotel group Novum Hospitality, now also has its own racing car, a BMW M3 with 450 hp. The racing car is controlled by none other than CEO & owner David Etmenan himself.

As a real racing driver you have to know that: What speeds are possible? David Etmenan, a charismatic top hotelier, proves this time and again with the sleek and roadworthy niu-car – as most recently with an exclusive racer event on the sunlit Circle of Ascari in southern Spain. First of all: He reached the very respectable 6th place of more than 40 starters.

The rapid appearance of the boss of one of the fastest growing hotel chains in Europe bears interesting parallels: How far can you really go in terms of acceleration, when do you have to shift down in time? This is also reflected in the very agile transformation of the global hotel industry: with niu, the smart, innovative lifestyle hotel concept, the 30 years old Novum group is reinventing itself and giving a strong boost to the gas: more than 40 new hotels throughout Europe are in development.

Well, and as an experienced racing driver David Etmenan knows where you have to push the accelerator hard…

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