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Attention, hoteliers: rental scammers can hardly be identified in advance!

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
January 8, 2018

Attention, hoteliers: rental scammers can hardly be identified in advance!

An inappropriate interjection by Carsten Hennig

They sneak up on you almost invisibly: Throughout nearly all hotels there are nasty, little rental scammers at work. Most of the time they arrive incognito with other guests and can settle in unhindered after moving into the room. Even stubborn attempts to get hold of them fail in most cases. Police and hotel experts just shrug their shoulders: the security precautions in most hotels are simply too lax, they say.

Bed bug

There are already initial project attempts to expand the baggage scans necessary for other security reasons. Guests’ suitcases and bags should be heated to ultra-high temperatures before entering the hotel in order to ward off the uninvited hotel scammers. The effects on the potentially heat-sensitive belongings of affected hotel guests are to be compensated by vouchers. If underwear, for example, has shrunk through the heat treatment, absolutely germ-free insecticide-repellent replacement laundry would be delivered promptly.

According to the latest studies, the harmful intruders are attracted by dirty laundry. For example, a hotel operator should already be considering offering his guests a wash through of all the clothes they have brought with them while inviting them to casually get to know them at the hotel bar in sporty fashionable uniform clothes, similar to the principle of pyjama parties.

The German TV expert Ulrich Jander (, who specializes in hotel security, therefore advises all hoteliers: “Animal welfare concerns us all. But please also consider the biological consequences for entire populations of long-distance travelling bedbugs, which could be eradicated by improper and completely exaggerated chemical defence measures. It would be better to shake out suitcases in front of the hotel. And please have the reception desk give you a comb of lice for your pet and go through the fur – preferably in front of the lobby.”

Good Morning Hoteliers #GMH (158): Neuester Clou für's alles bestimmende Webbusiness - Hören Sie hier meine neueste Kolumne bei #HOTELIERTV & RADIO: the author: Carsten Hennig, born in 1970, allows himself satirical and admonishing reflections on the background, which is always based on a true core; the only question is: which one? As a biting and constructive co-creative thinker and to his financial disadvantage as a non-corrupt rapporteur, he responds to whatever comments of any kind from his so far thankfully increasing number of readers. He refuses to accept e-mails (in any case) and is only available for serious abuses by messenger – on all common channels. 

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