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What do you do for the digitization of your trainees?

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
July 20, 2017

What do you do for the digitization of your trainees?

Hamburg, Germany – 20 July 2017 –
This is how recruiting of young talents goes: German railway Deutsche Bahn attracts young professionals with free tablets. Pizza manufacturer Dr. Oetker promotes start-up thinking with the “#azubidigital” initiative. And what do you do to digitize your future senior staff?

What appears to some as a mere marketing campaign is, in fact, a necessity: to significantly accelerate and simplify working hours and complicated, manually-intensive business processes. In hospitality these forward-looking impulses are mostly coming from third-party providers such as e-learning providers or intranet programmers. At the same time, the potential for innovation among the young people in the guest business is just as great.

The innovative employer branding is not just about funny sayings about employee recruitment, grants to employers and opportunities for further education. Young people want to try out new ways and start to realize themselves. What has been a bit old-fashioned “company suggestion” is now the “start-up day”: improvement and simplification through digitized work processes. As in the finished industry, an additional training in the “specialist for digital work processes” in the hotel business is overdue.

In classical education and in the subject-related study, digital components – as optional / compulsory courses – must now be included. As with “#azubidigital” by German pizza manufacturer Dr. Oetker, the trainees are supposed to work together on a thing in a start-up atmosphere using cutting-edge learning methods and to present an innovative idea in a realistic way.

The range of application areas in the hospitality industry is great: from the front of house to kitchen, roomkeeping to the back office. Because: Everything that is not visible in hotels, will be digitized and automated (as is already the case today, automatic check-in via app, automatic invoicing and vendor posting, or checking and reordering food and beverages stock. But also internal communication and digital-based advanced training using micro training offer great opportunities for digitization.

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