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Our vision of the way to boost your career in hospitality management

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
August 22, 2017

Our vision of the way to boost your career in hospitality management

Hong Kong, 22 August 2017 –
Ralf Borchert is a visionary man – The CEO and co-founder of Hospitality Leaders, the World’s leading career network for hospitality management, noticed his thoughts how to change the complicated recruiting process for hotels, restaurants and tourism companies.

Ralf Borchert
Ralf Borchert

Here’s his summary of strategy to establish the one-click application:

„I was thinking about user profiles and how user profiles may be occurring differently to various people working on Hospitality Leaders (HL).

I concluded that it’s probably useful to create context and highlight a few unique features of our job site.

The biggest difference between the HL job site and other job sites is that our premium jobs make no mention of emailing in a CV or contacting HR or uploading a PDF resume.

What we have created is a one click application process (with the ability to leave a short cover note/introduction).

That means that the only way to send in your CV is to maintain your profile on HL.

So in essence much like TripAdvisor, we are retraining an entire industry.

Tripadvisor changed how people leave feedback for hotels and restaurants.

Hospitality Leaders is changing where and how people working in hospitality apply for jobs.

The HL profile is the only way to send in your CV on the HL platform.

Hospitality Leaders is getting an outstanding reputation in the hospitality industry.

And because we are altering the way things have been by creating something new, we are naturally grinding up against existing habits.

Hence we want to make it as simple as possible for people to use Hospitality Leaders.“

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