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10 rules to follow to become successful in your hospitality and catering career

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July 22, 2017

10 rules to follow to become successful in your hospitality and catering career

By KP Kofler, CEO K&K Group

You’re only as good as your next party. Yesterday does not count, tomorrow helps you to succeed! Attention to detail is key.

KP Kofler
KP Kofler

Being nice matters. The closer your relationship is with your customer, the more difficult it is for him/her to give their business to someone else. Like a close friend it’s harder to say ‘no’ !

Give customers only what they want. Do not try to over deliver at the beginning. You will not get rewarded or paid for it! Learn to make complex things simple and not to make simple things complex. You need to listen carefully and read between the lines!

You need powerful friends, especially on the inside. Your success is aligned with your network inside and outside of the company. You are only as good as the team players. It’s about PPQ – ‘personal power quotient’- you need to be connected to know who to call when needed!

The only way to compete with a strong idea/brand like Airbnb is with another strong idea/brand. You may need to go the extra mile to succeed, as there is always a way to win with a better idea and further innovation. Don’t scale down on price too easily!

Timing in business is everything. The best way to be successful is to be ahead of the game! Try to satisfy the needs of your customers before they know what they want.

20 % is about the situation and 80 % is what you make of it. There are bad days and challenges but always remember good and bad moments often go hand in hand! So the key is to make the most of your situation and find new solutions! After the rain comes the sun …

Never believe a business opportunity is lost until your competitor delivers the catering on an event. Never give up easily; when you go the extra mile you will be rewarded in the end ! There is not only one entrance into a building, you just need to find the other routes.

You are in the Mona Lisa business. Wherever you step in and get involved, your goal is to create something magical! Average is the enemy of perfection.

Focus on these top five priorities when you enter an event:

Taste the food before the event and before it has been served on the event day

  1. Check the beverage temperature and quantity
  2. Ensure the staff uniform and presentation are top notch
  3. Review the guest list, therein lies new business opportunity
  4. Be hands on, make an impression on other staff members and the client by never leaving an event too early 
  5. Especially before you reach the goals you put in place for that event in advance!

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