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Update on Hotelmarketing: Everything is running in the Social Web

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
September 12, 2017

Update on Hotelmarketing: Everything is running in the Social Web

Hong Kong – 12 September 2017 –
Everyone is waiting for a new iPhone: years following the digital communications revolution started, new apps, gadgets, tools and features are begging for attention every day. An update on the really important things in hotel marketing:

Upload your photos with tags and ALT texts on Instagram
The system utilizes Instagram as the data source. The postings there show where the local population likes to be. Instagram postings of helpful but not too interesting places such as subway stations and photographs with geotags that are too general weren’t included in the analysis. The system automatically divides popular places into five categories, such as “Restaurants and Bars” or “Museums and Theatre”.

Twitter gets better
The US micro-blogging service Twitter tests a function that makes it possible to post longer contents, so-called “tweetstorms”. Under normal conditions, users have only 140 characters to get to the stage. But this restricted space is often insufficient to generate a point of view. The user “Devesh Logendran” has found the hidden attribute in the Twitter Android app. This new feature does not restrict the user to single tweets. He can write a longer story, which is subsequently split into several tweets from the app. This is done behind the scenes. This permits other users to read the entire story before giving their opinion. These longer contents are posted as so-called “threaded tweets”. The new feature is meant to attract new users that were frustrated by a 140-character limit. It may only be used occasionally by Android users.

Moving pictures: Video conquers reporting
along with the phenomenon of intentionally scattered false reports, moving pictures are among the driving themes in publishing in recent years. Through algorithms in social networking and the consequently increased awareness among users, bloggers and professional journalists alike are faced with the challenge of preparing their articles for the kind of videos. You will miss the next, probably crucial revolution: Live broadcasting with the smartphone has become child’s play, with quite user-friendly programs like Meerkat, Periscope or – brand new – Birdplane. Simply record the current scene from your hotel or restaurant, briefly describe it and then – almost live – send it to the Internet, e. g. to your strong Facebook fan page.

#HotelEmoji free to download:
#HotelEmoji free to download:
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Breaking the rules: The #HotelEmoji are here
they’re ideal for resort and HR marketing and the constantly improving messengers – the #HotelEmoji. Emoji replaces words and is increasingly used in chatbots and messenger services such as Booking and Kayak. The Rezidor hotel chain Prizeotel also utilizes Emoji – for HR marketing. The new Hospitality Leaders Hotel Emoji complements the diversity of the Emoji world and is available to everyone. Free download:

The next level of customer communication: Chatbots offer many advantages
For the huge majority of Germans (77 percent), private communication via messenger services has long since become commonplace. At the exact same time, 84 percent seek direct contact with businesses in certain conditions. What could be more obvious than for companies to get in touch with their customers via chatbots? Hospitality Leaders, the world’s leading career network for the hospitality industry, operates an advanced chatbot for profile generation, job search and one-click program: Bots are created with modular systems such as Chatfuel or Snatbot.

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