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Pizza too sexy – Giant whirl around sexist subject to pizza week

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
September 25, 2017

Pizza too sexy – Giant whirl around sexist subject to pizza week

Montreal, Canada, 25 September 2017 –
In the end of October, Montreal is observing The Pizza Week, however, a few societal media users are already hungry for this. Since there a topic with a blond has made the rounds there, which apart from a pizza cuttings goes down without one. In addition to potential clients, the restaurants participating in the marketing campaign were also mad. The initiators of the occasion defended themselves by stating that the picture was not intended for publication.

Pizza pieces and excitement
for those makers of the picture, it was apparently clear that barely anything makes a pizza cut sharper than to place it strategically in front of female genitals. Many users of social media see this differently and view the topic as sexist because it objectifies the girl. That’s how a Twitter user asks:”Which advertising agency thought it was a fantastic idea?” But it’s not only from potential customers that criticism hails. “We’re very surprised and angry by the selection of images for the event advertising,” says Alice Dufour Thériault, manager of the N900 restaurant, which will be running for the title of “Greatest Pizzeria” in Pizza Week. The initiators of the marketing event have meanwhile apologized to this and justify themselves by saying that the image should not have gone online at all. “This has not yet been approved by our creative team and doesn’t reflect the values and thoughts of Pizza Week,” they say to La Presse.

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