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This hotel serves your child’s toy – Teddy check-in latest marketing gag for families

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
September 14, 2017

This hotel serves your child’s toy – Teddy check-in latest marketing gag for families

London – 14 September 2017 –
Premier Inn trials a ‘Teddy Check-in’ service at airport hotel Heathrow Terminal 4, offering kids the opportunity to check their toys and teddies when they arrive.

Teddy check-in at Premier Inn
Teddy check-in at Premier Inn

A research found that over 50% of UK children cannot sleep without their favourite toy. What’s more, children in Coventry were identified as the most ‘teddy-dependent’ with 64% of them unable to sleep without their fluffy friends. Despite this dependency, it was also revealed that 72% of forgetful children leave their fluffy sleeping buddies in hotels after a holiday, with over 67% of parents driving back to the hotel to collect the forgotten toy.

“We’ve seen cases of lost teddies rise over the holidays with team members finding on average 3,000 a month, so over 45,000 being left a year across our hotels. Often they are found tucked under the duvet at the end of the bed or under the bed itself, so its never long before families are reunited with the help of one of our team members. Our ‘Teddy Check-in service’ will help ensure no more fluffy family members get left behind again. We’ve been reuniting lost teddies with their owners for years, sending these fluffy friends as far as France, Spain, Sweden and even New Zealand,” Emily Frank, Senior Brand and Marketing Manager of Premier Inn, said.

Don't leave your teddy at the hotel, boy!
Don’t leave your teddy at the hotel, boy!

Guests will receive a special teddy check in card upon arrival which will act as a reminder for parents, plus they’ll be given some top tips from our house keeping teams on where teddies and toys are most commonly found, so parents can make sure all family members, including the fluffy ones, are accounted for. 

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