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Novotel: digital innovation drives success

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September 1, 2014

Novotel: digital innovation drives success

Novotel: digital innovation drives success

PLAY Interactive Table, Webcorner On @ Mac and Novotel Virtual Concierge are three breakthroughs that should ring a bell. And they come from Novotel. Technology, here, is all about friendly exchanges, and this brand is in a league by itself when it comes to treating customers to up-to-the-minute experiences that everyone can enjoy.

Novotel is brimming with new technology ? and leveraging it to overhaul guests? experiences in hotels. This one-of-a-kind approach blends beautifully into the Group?s digital hospitality strategy, is enthralling travelers around the world, and is helping to cement Novotel?s reputation as a brand that blazes new trails for the long run. Here is a closer look at four smart next-best-things:

Close-up on PLAY Interactive Table
The latest breakthrough available at Novotel hotels is the PLAY multimedia table. The brand created this table via a partnership with Microsoft, Humelab and After-Mouse, and it has been tested in 11 pilot lobbies (London, Paris, Casablanca, Dubai, Rio and others) since June 2014. This multi-tactile gem is packed with an assortment of educational games for kids and grown-ups. It will be stretching across the Novotel network through 2015.

Close-up on Webcorner On @ Mac
The Novotel Web Corner embarked on a metamorphosis at the start of summer 2014. These new areas are slicker, more colorful, ever more connected, and keep guests in touch with their families and friends, even half way around the world!

Close-up on Novotel Virtual Concierge
The Virtual Concierge is one year old! Travelers have been using this digital service for tips on restaurants and cultural attractions, weather updates, flight news and brand-related information for a year now. And e-cards are bolstering its unanimous success: travelers are sending more than 300,000 digital postcards a month via Virtual Concierges!

Today, this service is available in more than 250 Novotel hotels worldwide, and hoteliers can decide what content they wish to feature. This is a perfect example of digitally-enabled added value!

Close-up on digital reception
Novotel is contributing to the Welcome customized digital reception program, which kicked off in April 2014. This all-new express check-in service is simple and intuitive, and enables guests to check in online even before reaching their hotel. By the end of this year, over 60% of the network, i.e. 250 Novotel hotels, will have embarked on this adventure.

Novotel is sharpening its unchallenged lead with its efficient and effective technological ecosystem. And this winning strategy is building loyalty at a time when customers are keen on seamless non-stop interaction with their environment.

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