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Wet weather won’t dampen Olympic spirit

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June 29, 2012

Wet weather won’t dampen Olympic spirit

Fans of the Olympic Games will be out in full force come rain or shine, reports

Planning any sort of outdoor event during British summertime requires a lot of courage so organising 10,500 athletes, 70,000 volunteers and several million spectators during this year’s Olympic Games is a huge challenge to undertake.

While the Met Office, the UK’s national weather forecaster, said it was too early to forecast any accurate readings of the weather for the Games, the organisers are confident that any bad weather would not disrupt their plans.

The weather still remains a bugbear for travellers as heavy rain could be a slight dampener to proceedings. However, London isn’t short of event venues showing the Games so if weather does become a problem, visitors can duck into a venue to watch the Games with a roof over their head.

Debbie Jevas, director of sport for LOCOG, said the prospect of wet weather doesn’t keep her awake at night.

“By definition, being British you have no choice but to prepare for the weather,” she said, cited by

“It doesn’t keep me awake at night. Clearly if you have me the choice of rain or no rain, you’d rather have no rain and that’s for the spectators as much as anything else. (But) we’ve known from day one when we looked across the sports that they will happen whether it’s raining or not, and so the plans have always included that.”


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