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Single French regional hub: a new commercial offer rapidly adaptable

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August 30, 2012

Single French regional hub: a new commercial offer rapidly adaptable

The French regional hub?s strategy will focus on offering its customers a new commercial offer which is rapidly adaptable to market changes and rival airlines and which is more competitive for business and leisure travel, both inter-regional and to Europe.
This division will operate flights under a new brand with a different positioning as well as flights operated on behalf of Air France.
Sales and marketing will be carried out by the airlines? own sales forces, based in the French regions, offering responsiveness and proximity to local teams, supported by those of Air France.
The new brand, the range of fares and the flight schedule will be announced in January 2013 for a launch in April 2013. 

Reduced crew numbers at Brit Air and Regional without redundancies 

In 2013, the French regional hub will operate 86 aircraft (instead of 93 currently) with a greater number of seats. Consequently, on the basis of this business plan, the development of employment for 2013, taking into account non-replaced natural departures, will result in a decrease of 64 jobs for crew (5 flight attendants and 12 pilots at Brit Air out of a total of 587 aircrew and 47 pilots at Regional out of a total of 409 pilots).
The methods implemented to deal with overstaffing will be identical to those of Air France, without redundancies, subject to an effective increase in overall economic efficiency of 15% guaranteed by the agreements.
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