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Rogge visits Sochi.Park

Profile Photo By: H L
August 8, 2012

Rogge visits Sochi.Park

After being welcomed by the Sochi 2014 staff and volunteers working in London, President Rogge was taken on a guided tour of the pavilion by Sochi 2014 President Dmitry Chernyshenko. Rogge was able to test out a number of innovative exhibitions in Sochi.Park, including a sliding track simulator and a 4D cinema. He was also able to witness a small part of the ice skating show that Sochi is putting on every day in its specially built ice rink.

With only 548 days to go until the Sochi Games open, the Russian organisers are preparing themselves to receive the full spotlight of attention, as the world switches its thoughts to the up-coming Games. Indeed, Sochi 2014 has over 220 staff and volunteers working and observing the London 2012 Games operations, so that they can take the experience of London and apply it to their own Olympic project. The Sochi project continues to advance well, with the first sports events already held last winter and many more to be held this winter on the Black Sea coast. It may be summer in London but Sochi is bringing its own unique winter flavour to the party.

Source: International Olympic Committee

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