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Bringing Jay?s Voice to the stage

Profile Photo By: H L
May 17, 2012

Bringing Jay?s Voice to the stage

Earlier this month we hosted an evening with Jay Norton, contestant from BBC music show The Voice.

We were delighted to hear that one of our team members was going so well on the show and that someone as influential and respected as showed him so much on national television.

The crowd at The Pheasantry included loads of people from the music and media world, friends and family plus some people who were lucky enough to grab a ticket.

So, on the 1st May Jay rocked up on stage, showcased some of his infectious charm and performed some beautiful acoustic gems backed by his pianist and guitarist.

We just wanted to thank Jay for coming down and performing some songs for us – we wish him all the best as he takes on the world.



Source: Pizza Express

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