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Boudia dives into fans? affections on the Hub

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August 1, 2012

Boudia dives into fans? affections on the Hub

Intense British interest in the 10m synchro diving competition, which featured home divers @tomdaley1994 and @peterwaterfield, meant there was huge demand for the eventual bronze medal winner David Boudia (@davidboudia) when he appeared on the Official Athletes? Hub for a live Q&A (#askanathlete).
Boudia, the first American to break 600 points in six dives, also holds the US record for the most points on a single dive. But, he admitted, he still feels the pressure in getting it ?just right? as he dives off the equivalent of a three-storey building.

It takes ?a lot of practice?..Now I just count 1, 2, 3 GO?, he told a questioner, adding: ?At first it is very scary but I no my partner Nick McCrory is a very strong athlete & it makes it easier 2 know he is good.?

Boudia revealed how much he?s enjoying life in the Athletes? Village: ?I have made many friends. Olympians r very nice and is a testament to their character & sportsmanship,? he said.

Boudia found his bronze medal sparked some interest in his personal life as he tackled questions ranging from how he prepares for competition to his marital status.

?Are you single,? demanded fan @_shelbywilson

Boudia revealed he is engaged and will, happily, be married come October when the dust has settled from London 2012.

Many other athletes will appear in the live Q&A soon ? check it out! Meanwhile, you can follow Boudia and other Olympic athletes on the Olympic Athletes Hub.

Source: International Olympic Committee

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